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Culture can be referred to as the customs, lifestyles and habits that characterize a group of people. The culture of a school is what the school is known for, what the school does repeatedly over years. The culture of a school therefore can be said to be an indicative of what the school represents and the values the school holds dear.

Times are changing at a rapid rate and some of the elements of the elements of the school’s culture that were very useful some years back might not be relevant in this age. Therefore there is no point having such elements in the school’s culture anymore. The element/practice can be replaced with another element/practice that will have the same effect in this age that the other element had years ago. The adjustment in school’s culture to fit into the present age can be said to be culture transformation.

Culture transformation can be defined as a dynamic process in which the existing culture changes and adapts to external or internal forces. Just as school’s vision needs revisiting, so does the culture. For instance, the advent of technology has put an end to the practice of some aspects of schools’ culture. Some years back in some schools, students are allowed access to the computer only during computer science/ICT classes, but now students use the computer for all subjects.

Culture transformation has to do with doing away with outdated practices and adopting new and relevant ones. It is all about fine tuning approaches and practices for the achievement of maximal output.

Culture transformation does not mean that school’s values, vision and mission has to change. It only means that things will be done with the trend whilst maintaining core values, vision and mission of the school.

The culture of the school should be in accordance with the demand of the 21st century. Forms can be filled and submitted online, assignments can be submitted online etc. in place of the manual 19th century method. Globalization can be brought into the school’s culture to enable students know what is going on in the world and not just their immediate country of abode.

Culture transformation if carefully and properly done will benefit the school in great ways.

Rotimi Eyitayo

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