Dear Proprietor,

During admission process, every school automatically has a conducive learning environment. One of the catch phrases schools us during admission process is the availability of ‘conducive learning environment’. In reality, how many schools can boast of a conducive learning environment? Conducive learning environment is necessary in every school irrespective of ranking or calibre.

Ways To Create A Conducive Learning Environment

  1. School location: this is the paramount factor in creating a conducive learning environment in schools. Schools proprietors should ensure that school are not located too close to major roads, industrial areas, markets or generally noisy areas. External distractions are caused by loud noises from the surroundings which are most likely to distract students and interrupt learning process in schools.
  2. Classrooms: classrooms should be airy with optimum temperature. The classroom should be conducive for students without the aid of appliances like fans and air conditioners. The classrooms should also be spacious and should have enough room for students to move freely. When students are cramped in a small space even with optimum temperature, the learning process might not yield desired result. Students need to be comfortable in order for effecting learning t take place.
  3. Work-play balance: Extracurricular activities can be used to create work-play balance in schools. Students learn better when they are allowed to have some time to themselves outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities blend studies and play in the most enticing manner and if well harnessed/employed, they will contribute largely to the learning process in schools. Fun time affords the students ample time to digest what was taught and learnt previously and it also refreshes their mind and body.
  4. Staff rooms/ offices: staff room/offices like classrooms should be conducive for teachers. Cranky and edgy teachers cannot transfer knowledge effectively. Putting teachers in offices that are not conducive will make them uncomfortable and might affect the quality of their teaching.
  5. Staff incentives: happy staff produces better quality of students. Occasional incentives for staff members will motivate them to give their best and also make everyday worthwhile for the students. Incentives could be directly beneficial to staff members in form of bonuses etc. or indirectly in the form of teaching aids.

In order to create conducive environment for learning in schools, both teachers and students need to be comfortable and happy.

Benefits Of Conducive Learning Environment

There are several benefits conducive learning environment brings to students, teachers and the school as a whole. Below are some of these benefits.

  1. Improved assimilation: learning in a conducive classroom of optimum temperature that is free of external distractions like noise will enable students to concentrate better which will lead to improved assimilation of what they are taught.
  2. Increased interest in learning: comfortable and satisfied teachers will teach students using best approaches which will make learning fun for students. Fun teaching coupled with airy and spacious classrooms will capture the interests of students and make them interested in learning.
  3. Better quality of students: students who are taught in a conducive environment understand and assimilate faster and better which make them better students.
  4. Happy community: conducive environment has effect on both the staff and students of the school. Conducive environment ensures everything needed is at its best which gladdens students and teachers alike.
  5. Increased productivity: Teachers who work in a conducive environment have almost all if not all they need in addition to being comfortable, these will no doubt reflect in the quality of their work. They will teach better and render other services in a better way which will increase their productivity.
  6. Marketing: every member of the school including parents will market a school with conducive learning environment. Staff, students and parents will give referrals and bring more people/customers into the school.

It is not okay for selected parts of the school (like reception, principal’s office) to be the only places with optimum living condition in the school. Every aspect of the school should be conducive. Conducive learning environment translates beyond physical spaces, activities in schools (within and outside the classrooms) should be balanced and not over stress the students.