How little is light?

The popular song says; “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”. Light indeed is a reference to several things like objects, symbols and situations. Light can be likened to knowledge; it can further be specified as YOUR MESSAGE.

Your light can shine and as well be “put out”. The beauty of light is when it stays on in the midst of darkness, as a little torchlight is of more value in a dark room than a halogen during the day.

Everyone willing to LET THEIR (MESSAGE, KNOWLEDGE) LIGHT SHINE will first of all understand that it would require input from the light beaver which is referenced in the word “LET”.

TO LET means to allow. How then do we allow our light to shine? It will require taking time in most cases. Time is quite an unfriendly concept in our generation today as we often are in a hurry to actualize, and gratify ourselves.

A message that will last must be a message that was thoughtfully and carefully carved. The light that’s so little still shines bright in darkness. Let us all take time, which involves practice, moments of reflections, prayers, faith, patience etc. to make our light SHINE.

Light will shine, whether it is little or it is great, its use is highly dependent on its owner!

Will you LET your light SHINE?

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