Several cases of sexual molestation/assault of students by their teachers have been reported and several more kept away from the public for the sake of privacy. The occurrence of this odious act is more frequent in recent times than it has ever been. One then begins to wonder why teachers who are supposed to keep students out of harm’s way are the ones inflicting harm on them. The rate of the occurrence of this monstrous act requires a holistic review. Why do teachers sexually molest/assault their students? Do the culprit and victim recover and how? These questions and many more need to be asked in order to have an insight of the matter. For the sake of this write up, we will consider some off shoots of the subject of discuss.

Root Cause

There are several factors (not justified under any circumstance) responsible for teachers sexually assaulting students. Some of these factors are listed below.

  1. Psychological imbalance: A lot of teachers; males and females alike, who assault students sexually most times are psychologically imbalance at the time the act was carried out. They do not think straight, all they think about at the moment is to satisfy their needs not stopping to have a rethink.
  2. Untamed affection: Teachers grow fond of students for reasons known to them but some of them do not keep this affection in check, they let their affection go wild. Most often than not, teachers who have wild affection towards students end up sexually molesting such students.
  3. Stress: teachers are fully engaged during school hours and even work at home most times. They have to prepare lesson plans, grade papers, plan schedules etc. Teachers’ engagements most times stress them out and they end up with little or no time to socialize. Students are the constant set of people they interact with and over time some of these teachers begin to see students in a different light.
  4. Dressing: The way some students (especially female students) dress most times attract teachers to them. The style and size of some students’ uniforms have subtle provocative undertone to it. Short length uniforms, uniforms exposing sensitive body parts etc. can lead to teachers sexually molesting students.

Prevention of Future Occurrence

In order to curb this ugly trend and prevent future occurrence, schools need to put in place and also enforce rules guiding teacher-student relationship. Here are some ways to curb the trend of students’ sexual assault by teachers.

  1. Severe punishment for offenders: if teachers are severely punished for sexually assaulting/molesting students, it will deter others from engaging in such acts. The frequency will reduce drastically and the school will be safer for students.
  2. Rules on teacher-student interaction: there should be strict rules guiding teacher-student interaction in schools. Teachers should be compelled to apply professionalism in all of their dealings with the students. This way, it will be easier to spot randy teachers before the damage is done.
  3. Modest dressing in schools: students and teachers should be modestly dressed within the school premises. School uniforms should be modest both in size and style. Schools should ensure that students’ uniform (females especially) do not show sensitive body parts and should not be too short as well.
  4. Ban on teacher-student office meeting: student should be discouraged from going into closed door meeting with teachers. Teachers do always meet and interact with student sin class and open areas but not behind closed doors.
  5. Ban on unwholesome closeness: any relationship/closeness aside professional closeness between teachers and students should be banned in schools.


Some steps are required to be taken by the culprit and the victim in order to recover from the trauma or the set back the assault/molestation might have caused. It is advisable for both parties to go through counseling session in order to put the past behind them and move on. Counseling/therapy session is also likely to help the culprit see the gravity of his/her action which might prevent future occurrence.

The culprit can also enroll or be enrolled in a remand home in order to enable him/her clear his/her head and be prepared for reintegration into the community.

Case Study: The Rape of a 4-Year Old Pupil by a 42-Year Old Proprietor In Nasarawa State

A 4-year old pupil of victory International School, Mararba, Nasarawa State was raped on several occasions by the 42-year old school proprietor. The proprietor engaged the little girl in the evil act for about two months while he threatened the little girl not to tell anyone.

At a point, the proprietor actually incited the girl to point fingers at a boy in her class should anyone get wind of his odious act. The mother of the victim got to know early April when the victim refused to allow her mother give her a bath, an act she started in February. The mother reported the issue to the proprietor (ignorant of the fact that he is actually the culprit) who in turn took them to a pharmacy for the girl to be treated.

When questioned, the victim did as she was told by the proprietor and named a classmate as the culprit. The pharmacy attendant insisted that the damage couldn’t have been done by a boy her age which prompted the mother to take the girl outside for further questioning. The girl later confessed that it was the proprietor who has been raping her and bribing her with sweet each time.

When the proprietor was questioned, just like everyone of such offender, he couldn’t come up with a reason for his actions. The truth is that some of these perverts do it for pleasure while others do it for ritual purposes. Whatever reason they might have, their actions are condemnable at every turn. Teachers are expected to act professionally at all times. There is great need for teachers to keep the zippers and cover the skirts.

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