The best way to adapt and stay long in business is to move with the trend. One of the latest trends in the education sphere is the infusion of technology in the teaching processes in schools. Technology in education is manifested through the use of computers and smart phones. The reception of this trend however has brought with it a lot of advantages and also some disadvantages. Technology has impacted education in so many ways as it is very essential for both the students and teachers, however the untended infusion of technology in schools has left some disadvantages in its wake.

Merits Of Technology Infusion In Education

  1. Promotes Independent Learning for the Students
    Technology avails students the opportunity to learn on their own even without the assistance of their parents and teachers. They are just going to surf the internet in order to look for the lessons they need to study. Students who are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge in operating a computer would find it easy to access relevant information online.
  2. Easier Access To Information
    Technology has made it very easy to access information hence saving students the stress of moving heavy textbooks to and fro. Information regarding any aspect of education can be gotten at any time with the aid of technology. This has made teaching easier for teachers and learning easier for students.
  3. Promotes Exciting Way to Educate Students
    Studying on the computer involves lots of images, videos and other graphics and text that makes students excited to study through the use of the gadget. This helps to arouse the interest of students in studying.
  4. Better Correspondence

With the help of technology, students can communicate with each other on joint projects and also communicate with teachers. Students can submit homework and projects online and also get help from teachers too. Technology also makes correspondence easier between schools and parents.

  1. Exposure

Technology exposes students to happenings around the world. They get to see what they have been taught about other places in the world and what is being taught in other places as well. The teachers also get to incorporate learnt skills in class.

Demerits Of Technology Infusion In Education

  1. Laziness in Studying
    Computers make is so easy to find answers that students barely have to look for them. This may result in them having poor study habits and developing a lazy attitude toward their education.
  2. Forgetting the Basic Way of Studying
    They would no longer rely on the books that are lent by their teachers for them to study since they are already interested to study using the computer. Even simple problems and homework that they need to answer, they are more of seeking the assistance of computers already.
  3. Distraction
    There is no limit to information made available by technology; this means that using the internet for educational purposes does not mean everything students will find online are good for their consumption. There are several things that are found in the internet which are not good for the students hence they need to be properly guided by their teachers and parents every time they are going to use the computer. If not well guided, technology can pose a great distraction to students and teachers as well.


Leaving students by themselves while surfing the internet

Students irrespective of their age or class should not be left alone with internet access. While working on a project, class work etc, there should be teachers around to monitor them. This will deter them from making a detour from the aim of searching the internet. It will also create a serious atmosphere which will enable the students finish up in the shortest time possible.

Students might have unlimited access to the internet at home or outside the school, but while in school, the internet and all technology gadgets should be used for  school work solely. The same goes for teachers too, teachers should not abuse technology provided by the school by using them for personal purposes.


The infusion of technology in education is a great thing which must be guided and not left unattended at all times. Students need to be restricted when working with computers in order to reduce the risk of distraction. High level infusion of technology in schools if not well managed can cause more harm than good.

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