Every Banker has one form of fear just like in every other profession. Fear of losing your job, demotion, salary slash, career accomplishment, work-life balance, office politics and the list could go on… How do you make them all go away? How do you gain clarity and assurance along the way? Is it wrong or bad if you have no clues? Are you wasting away frozen in potential? Is there any good still left for you?

These and many more questions would be handled, treated and dealt with in a thorough, systematic and yet expository manner at this event. It promises to be a sum total of adventure, discovery, insight, depth and advancement.

Do you know anyone that seeks or needs advancement or a sure leap within the professional space and amongst Bankers? Or is it simply you in need for mature engagement for relevant answers in your career and pursuit? Then you must plan to attend the face your fears Master Class designed specifically for Bankers and Business Professionals.


This event has been carefully designed to cater for discerning participants with focus on key issues beyond surface workplace scenarios. Also an opportunity to help take participants on a victory journey on facing their fears.


The event would feature the following;

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Panel Session
  • Question and Answer
  • Networking
  • Photo Session


  • Bankers
  • HR Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees across all sectors
  • Business Professionals



It would interest you to know some reasons behind the guest speakers we have chosen for this special event. They are Nigeria’s finest bright minds in the career and professional development sector. Below are their short profiles;


Jimi Tewe is the CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm located in Lagos, Nigeria. Inspiro Consulting enjoys a strategic partnership with CareerLeader, a Global Career Coaching firm based in Boston Massachusetts.

Jimi has a hard-to-find track record in his varying background experiences in two consulting firms, a non-profit-organization and two banks. Due to his rare blend of professionalism and excellence, he became a Senior Manager of one of Nigeria’s top five banks in only 5 years after NYSC (a feat which usually takes up to 13 years of regular career progression).

He has authored three books (“Where Did All My Money Go”, “Getting a Good Job Easily” and “Free from Corporate Slavery”). Jimi also has diverse materials that help young people reach their maximum potential.

Jimi’s personal interest is people development; He does this through coaching, inspirational speaking, and mentoring. He is a Pastor with KingsWord Ministries International. Jimi also trains corporate bodies and private individuals.


Bankole Williams is more than a simple motivational speaker; He is one individual who has discovered strength from challenges especially within career track and on workplace transition as well.

A successful speaking professional, Bankole Williams has trained and facilitated several workplace trainings across different states in Nigeria.

This has given him a wide range of knowledge and expertise of scenarios that would help participants, he is the author of the book “Engaged to a JOB I HAVE” which also seeks to tackle workplace frustration.

He speaks, trains, facilitates strategy sessions and all the feedbacks form past participants clearly shows that he speaks to people’s mind and souls. He is deserving to speak at THE FACE YOUR FEARS EVENT for Bankers and working professionals.

Bankole was a Banker and understands the fears bankers face, and he will be speaking at this event, so hurry and register today.


Attending this event will not only open you up for possibilities but would set the pce on how you can certainly achieve the following;

  • Career and Professional Development
  • Work Life Balance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Personal Fulfillment


Date: Sunday. April 23, 2017

Venue: Eden Comfort Place – 17, Alade Avenue off Obafemi Awolowo Way (the street opposite Lagos Airport Hotel), Ikeja Lagos

Time: 3:00pm Prompt

Registration Fee: N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira)


  1. To reserve a seat, text YES/NAME/TELEPHONE/EMAIL to 08094644634
  2. Pay the required registration fee into Zenith Bank/1012533092/Teammasters Global Standard Limited
  3. Text Payment details (Name of Depositor/Date/Amount) to 08094644634
  4. Await confirmation call/text or email


Rotimi Eyitayo is a rare combination of talent, content, strategy and courage. He is the CEO of TEAMMASTERS LIMITED a leading management consulting firm positioned to help individuals and corporate organizations. He has helped several individuals, business leaders as well as thought leaders in gaining clarity, taking action and harnessing their resource and influence.

Rotimi Eyitayo is considered a vision coach although fondly called the courage coach. With previous experience in the banking sector, Rotimi Eyitayo has hosted several master mind sessions with corporate individuals and professionals.


For more enquiries, please call our help lines; 08099392281, 08033856800, 08094644634. This event is proudly supported by TEAMMASTERS LIMITED.