graduationThe mandate of a school is not solely to educate students, building lives is equally one of the numerous mandates of schools. Education is part of molding students’ lives and so are many other aspects of life outside education. In molding students into better version of themselves, the present as well as the future are to be considered. Students need to be taught how to cope with present situation in the country, they need to be encouraged to proffer solutions to the problem facing the country and also contribute their quota to ensure that living in the country in some years’ time will be pleasant for all as a result of their actions today.

Building Students For The Present Nigeria

The present can be said to be the reality of the moment in the country. A lot is going in on in the country in virtually all sectors hence the need for students to be aware of what is going on in the country and how it affects them. For the present day Nigeria, students should be taught survival skills. They need to be able to live with the decision of the people in power and also make the best of situations.

It is also important that the student be allowed and prompted to create solutions to the problem the country is facing at the moment. There are subjects in school that are related to some of the issues the country has presently, and instead of just pointing out the rights and wrongs of people in power, the students should be tasked with the responsibility of proffering solutions to these problems.

Students should be enlightened on the current state of the country’s economy, education and governance. They should be allowed to see the true picture in a wholesome way without sentiments so that they can approach them with clear minds. Students can impact the country in several ways through what they are being taught in schools and what they are tasked with in schools.

Students should not be excused in the task of nation building. They should be constantly reminded of the need to make the country great. It is okay for them to travel outside the country but that should not stop them from putting in their best to create a better living condition for citizens of their country whilst they are still in the country and also in diaspora. Students should be encouraged and steered towards the path of belonging. They should fit into the present day country by all means possible.


There are several benefits that come from building students for the presents. Listed below are some of these benefits.

  • More contribution from students to tackle present day problem
  • Wonderful innovation by students towards a better country
  • Patriotism on the part of the students
  • Preservation of history



Building Students For The Future Nigeria

Having talked about building students for the present day Nigeria, it is also pertinent that student s be prepared for the future Nigeria. They should be prepared to contribute to make the future of the nation better than the present situation. The future means years, dimensions and seasons ahead. It doesn’t necessarily mean several years to come.

Through curriculum, students should be prepared for the future of the nation. Their preparation should not be based on professional analysis but students should be brought to the consciousness of the fact that they are capable of making a change. Students can be required to study some developed countries and point out how they got their turn around. This knowledge can then be applied by students to form their own theories and also proffer feasible solutions to a better country in the future.

Students should be constantly reminded of the fact that their actions and inactions have great effect on the future of the country. They should be encouraged to contribute their quota no matter how small to nation building.


Below are some of the benefits of building students for Nigeria of tomorrow.

  • It creates the consciousness of change in students
  • It makes students better citizens
  • It creates a sense of ownership in students
  • It makes students understand their place in the society
  • It makes students understand their usefulness as citizens of the country

Subjects like Government and Civic Education should not be taught to students just so they can ace them in external examinations like WAEC and NECO. These subjects are vital tools to build students for Nigeria of today and of tomorrow, to make them understand the state of the nation and how to cope while they are also working towards making it better in some years to come.


It is the responsibility of schools to groom and also build students to feel responsible for Nigeria to the point that whether home or abroad, they have the desire to come back and make definite impact in their beloved country.

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