The critical concern about education is one that is obvious and has witnessed several interventions, inputs and conversations. However, one thing I strongly feel is missing or not clearly adopted is A VISIBLE AND VIBRANT EDUCATION AGENDA.

It is not enough to distract ourselves by our routines of nice things, activities and events. We all need to step up to a higher degree of responsibility and map out the Agenda for Education in Nigeria. An Agenda is considered an outline or ideological plan or program of things to be done. In summary, our Education Agenda should be seen as our vision of Education for Education.

This agenda will drive our advocacy effort, curative and creative effort by all stakeholders. The catch up mindset is a mind game that does not ensure our getting ahead but staying behind. We must remember that the task before all becomes easier in line with a good agenda.

4 Major Prerequisites For This Agenda

  1. IT MUST BE CLEAR: Am ambigious agenda is a limiting agenda. We often tend to muddle up quantity in place of clarity and quality.
  2. IT SHOULD GIVE MORE POWER: Our system is likened to a sector that yields little or no power. The agenda should highlight and featre an empowered sector, state of being. NIGERIA’s EDUCATION and SECTOR needs to EMERGE POWERFULL
  3. PICKING UP THE PACE: Our pace can be measured against our reality and the need confronting us. This actually sets in motion the degree of speed required. What we find prevalent today is that our investment, innovation and focus is on a slow motion and might not deliver the results we desire or plan to achieve.
  4. REVERSE INEQUALITIES: Our Education agenda must reverse the inequalities that exist internally and externally. There will be a good outcome that will easily be sustained.

In conclusion, the task before us is no small one but let it be clear in our minds that an EDUCATION AGENDA should the first thing to champion.