Sounds like a funny question right? The truth is we need to consider the true state and essence behind this line of thought.

Therefore, who is an expert? An expert is a person who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area, the key words in this definition is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT and SKILLFUL IN A PARTICULAR AREA.

Hence, it would be safe to say that it is possible for individuals to be classified as UNCONSCIOUS EXPERTS and CONSCIOUS EXPERTS. The degree of consciousness about our skills in an area or knowledge in a subject area is what confers on us the classification or qualification.


This is a very awkward state whereby the individual is skillful or knowledgeable about being ignorant. This is the general category of the uninformed.


These individual however does not value or consider the degree of his knowledge as important or of value to individuals, most times their knowledge is taken for granted by them and others.


Is the expert immersed in work, activities which only reside on the border of progress?  The reward curve sometimes is long and can create gaps in leveraging on opportunities. The active expert lacks only 2 major things

-Definitive clarity

-Extended visibility (being obvious)

Once these major issues are solved, the avalanche of results will sweep through with profitable reward.


This category of expert is indeed knowledgeable, skilled, and also informed about the value he has to deliver. The systematic approach of being deliberate is visible in a subtle way so as to easily identify with and accept the individual as one who is obviously an authority in his domain.

It is worthy to state that the obvious expert moves beyond exhaustion and discouragement because HIS GOAL & PRIZE, are not in the activities but the reality of the value being created and imbued.